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Lux Lisbon

The second youngest of the Lisbon girls. Beautiful, sexy, slim, mischievous, adventurous, and eventually promiscuous, Lux, age fourteen, epitomizes all that the boys desire about the Lisbon girls. She is a secret smoker since the age of twelve, and is seen laughing with delinquent boys and getting rides on motorcycles long before she begins her campaign of sex on the Lisbon roof. Though smoking and having sex outdoors in winter hint at a self-destructive streak, Lux appears to act clearly and deliberately, leaving the boys to wonder about her real plans. The only person who seems to catch Lux off-guard is Trip Fontaine, her masculine foil, in the final moments of Homecoming. Lux’s adventures have wildly varying consequences for her sisters’ lives. It is out of love for Lux that Trip persuades the Lisbon parents to let the girls attend the dance, affording them several exquisite hours of happiness. But it is also Lux’s subsequent failure to make curfew that results in the sisters’ confinement to the house for most of the winter, with disastrous consequences. Lux dies on the night of June fifteen from carbon monoxide poisoning


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happily ever after

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I love Sofia!


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